In 1857, Edward Hoffman opened a tobacco shop in Chicago. It was a small family affair, but his dedication and passion for innovation quickly grew. By 1868, he had created Hoffman House Bouquet Cigars. These cigars with their distinctive packaging, quickly grew in popularity. The brand was bought out by a larger manufacturer in 1898.

Not content to rest, Mr. Hoffman continued blending the finest quality tobaccos. Many of his pipe tobacco blends became famous from coast to coast. Especially beloved was Spilman Mixture, a complex blend of natural tobaccos, “without a bite or a regret.” Times and tastes changed, and E. Hoffman Company products disappeared from the shelves of tobacconists and the minds of smokers. For over 70 years, the brand and blends were dormant. Then, in 2006, E. Hoffman Company made its triumphant return with these two classic signature blends.

We hope you enjoy this taste of history.